The show depicts interesting adventure sports locations around the world and presents the local enthusiasts. The protagonist of the show, Pavel Trcala, visits different countries and actively participates in various sport disciplines. The adventures, nature, culture, events are recorded and compiled into an atractive mix of documentary and action sports show.


In the first season of the show, you can look forward to these episodes:

Tunisia: The North
Tunisia: The East
Tunisia: The South
Portugal: The South
Spain: The North
France: The South
Italy: The North
Turkey: The North
Turkey: The East
Turkey: The South
Croatia: Istria
United States: Lake Powell
United States: Florida
Italy: Apulia North
Italy: Apulia South
The Basque Country
United Arab Emirates
Sri Lanka: The West Coast
Sri Lanka: The East Coast
Sri Lanka: The South Coast


The full lenght of each episode is 26 minutes and full episodes can be viewed only on TV. However, you can watch three-minute webisodes to get the idea about each show. Watch this space! We will be putting webisodes online as we will be done with the editing.


"We have never seen anybody with so many adventures like you", are the typical words of support that Pavel receives from fellow athletes and travelers. "You should have your show!" Pavel has traveled in more than 120 countries and has set several world records. At the age of 27, he became one of the youngest climbers to reach the summit of Mount Everest. He can travel, entertain, film, and last, but not least, he can also actively participate in the sports that will be portrayed in the show. The combination is simply so unique that people may be pulled by their sheer amazement: "This guy is crazy, you gotta watch it!"

Pavel has previously written articles for American, German, and Czech magazines and newspapers usually covering adventure travel. His expeditions and records have also been portrayed by all media outlets and he is a regular guest speaker on television and radio. He wrote hundreds of articles in Czech newspapers in his own travel adventure series. He is also a regular author of articles in the leading Czech business paper on sports and business. He prepares a regular section called Adrenaline.

In his show, Pavel will also cover some economic issues. He majored in International Economics in Wisconsin for his Bachelor's degree and Economics for his Master's degree at the American University in Washington, DC. He worked in economic research for the Institute for International Economics and in development banking for the World Bank in Washington and in Africa. In the show, Pavel offers some interesting and educated perspectives when describing economic situations of the regions he visits.

TRAVEL WITH PAVEL is a registered show brand of the CITY SPORTS production company.

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Contact: Pavel Trcala
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